Welcome to my online portfolio-gallery

My name is Anna, "August" Augustyniak, I come from Poland. It happened that my education is art-oriented, but I'm drawing for as long as I remember.

And that's what this site is all about.

Because I express myself better by the picture than by words - I recommend you look into my gallery.

Through both traditional and digital (created with tablet) techniques, I'm trying to depict my world, my thoughts and anything else I imagine. Most works are fantasy [dragons, griffins, knights, elves and other monsters] and horror [death, devils, werewolves, sadness, hell], but I hope that my works can interest a wider audience.

Some works are not intended for the eyes of young viewers, please keep that in mind browsing through my gallery. All entries posted here are protected by copyright and it is forbidden to use them without my consent.

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  • Birth of the Star
  • Star
  • Sea-mist dragon
  • Dragon
  • Star Devourer
  • Raven Apostle
  • Green Dragon
  • Raven Apostle
  • Epic, the cat
  • Kirin