Unwanted Guest in the Golden Forest

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Contest entry.

Desperate Azure Dragon decided to lay her eggs on unfriendly ground. Unfortunately for her, the Golden Dragon - keeper of this Golden Forest - noticed her apperance and rushed to disturb her, while she's been building nest.

Base has 40x40cm size. Ground was sculptured by me with polymer clay. Everything's painted with acrylics (Vallejo) and acrylic mediums (Daler-Rowney's Interference Colour). Vallejo water effects was used for water. I also used static grass and moss a little.
I decided to give it strong fairy tale - like feeling, that's why I used strong, bright and shining colours. Because the forest itself is golden, just as it's keeper - wooden parts (real twigs I used) are also having hint of gold. Golden dragon, while rushing, broke ground under it's feet and pure gold flew out from the crackles.

Because of it's size, I had real trouble taking photos. I wish I could do that better, but I've tried to do my best.

More photos and WIP available at my blog:


Work in Progress

Tags: fantasy, forest, dragon, acrylics, water, fight, garage_kit, vallejo, serpent, diorama