It's Hard Time for Me...

I'm feeling really bad recently- mostly because of school, cover that I still didn't finish, and because my Boyfriend/Friends, they're fighting each other and I'm feeling really crappy because of.
About cover- I'm drawing it for more than month, I really have enough of it, each time, when I'm trying to do something with- I'm feeling like I'm useless piece of shit, I hate this one, I hate the way how it looks like now... And I'll have enought of scaled dragons for a long time.
About school- I have few projects to finish, but- I don't have time for, because of cover, also- graphic programs crashes while doing them and I'm not good with things that we have to do- I'm not that pracise.
About the rest... Why realationships between people have to be that hard? Why do people can't give another chance to another one? Why do people hurt the rest of? Damn, why they won't listem >.>
I hate people, and I'm really afraid of- thet they'll hurt, or even kill me. Like they're doing it at all- they're killing me mentaly and they don't care about because it's more important to show, that hey're right, not the another person... subconsciously.

That's all for today. Take Care.


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