About Favourites on Deviantart and about Photoshop

I'm not even trying to check up what's in today's favourites XD
I can guess it anyway- Naruto/Kingdom Hearts/Death Note/Bleach/Final Fantasy/Disney fanart or something from Manga/Anthro/Digital category :] It's almost obvious. Obviously, there'll be also fantasy arts... Where details are trying to escape from such small space of work and colours are trying to drift from it, even through those all frills on static character's dress :] And You don't even know what's on the first plan and what's in the background :]
I love them all :]
I always knew that I'm completely different than the rest of ppl, but I didn't know that it's that huge difference :D

There's another thing that I love about those pictures- 90% of them has been made with Photoshop :D awwwww...
Why do I love this program so much? Because You don't need anything to make cool, detailied work in it, why?
You want leaves? You take leaves brush. You want tree cork? You take such brush :D You want grass? Take a such brush! Wow, That's great?
But, if there're such brushes in traditional painting? Hmmm, I've never seen brushes which are looking exactly like those in photoshop.
Another Thing.
Are there such layers and selections/masks in traditional art?
- no.
That was easy.
Special effects-
You can easily, with one button and one curve You're able to change almost everything with You pic that in traditional wouldn't be possible, or won't be that easy to make.

And they're many other things that makes me hate digital works, especially those made in photoshop, but I'm too lazy to talk about.
I'm wondering, why most of people aged 13-19 are making manga pictures only... Hmmmmm...

Also, poor are yaoi fangirls which never have had a real boyfriend :]

Take Care.


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