Feeling Worse

Damn, I didn't know that it would fail in this way.
I don't know how to advertise myself.
I don't know how to advertise my website.
I don't know how to advertise my dA page.
and I have no time for this stuff x_x

I'm in bad mood, because of fact what kind of person I am.
I had another panic attack ._.''.
Just because I can't stand of being myself anymore. I really need help, but it looks like noone can help me ._.'' or they don't want to, I don't know...
I'm afraid that I'll be all alone again ._.''. And I'm really afraid of schoolyear. And work. It looks like I'll be really busy...
I hate changes, because I'm alone then ._.''

It's one year already- I'm with my Beloved Boyfriend :3
But I'm feeling like I hurt Him all the time ._.''

I've made few sketches, one pic, and I have three pics that I want to finish...

That's all. Take Care.


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