Hard Times...

Many strange things happend recently.
Well, first of all, new school year has just started. That means that just because of this I'm more stressed than usual, mostly because of matura exams, diploma that I'll have at the end of school's year.
Another thing, after two months, which I spend, all this time, with my Beloved- he had to come back to home. I've been crying all day long, but it's "ok" now.
Also, I have to start another cover, I don't have much time for it. Damn it.
Also... Something's wrong with my mind. I have more panic attacks than before, I'm more stressed than when there're stessfull situations, and... For some reason, my Brother asked me if it's necessary to act exorcisms... I've never been talking about such things x_x. My dear classmate said, that it could help me... It's obvious, that I have to meet with my psychologist first... and psychiatrist then, probably... I'm affraid that I will fail. And I will not survive. And that people, that I care about the most- they'll leave me... or Those who care about me will be able to meet me at lunatic asylum only... ;_;
I don't want to, I want to be happy ._.
I'm too hard to live with for my Beloved or Friends...
Also... I'm thinking much about my friend's problems. I just can't stop, I really want to help them.

I'm also angry a little- I wanted to buy new tablet [yes, Wacom tablet], but some problems occured and I don't know when I'll get it.

Take Care.


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